I’m GamerDad.

No, that’s not my real name, but I’m sure you guessed that already. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal my true identity because well, I guess there’s nothing stopping me. It’s Alex, but I prefer GamerDad, so we will stick with that.


Well, I’m a gamer, and I’m a dad, so I did the classic move of combining the two.

As I just said, I’m a parent. I have 5 kids, yes 5 of them. I’m not crazy, at least not according to the doctors. I also love playing video games. They are something I had left behind for many years, but now am finding my way back to, thanks in large parts to my Nintendo Switch.

Having kids and a full-time job and a generally crazy life does not give me much time for sitting behind the TV and play on a classic console – although my PS4 is loaded with games and I do have a few nights a week where I can play it. The Switch however, that has revitalized my gaming enthusiasm.

I have a 90 minute (each way) commute on public transport. With a Switch I can now spend my time playing video games.

Now, I have several of the large name games, Mario Odessey, Splatoon, Zelda, etc, but it is the indie scene that really has reignited my love of gaming. There are just so many good games out there. Games that take risks and push the boundaries. Games that dare to be different and that is just exciting and wonderful.

So what can you expect from me on this site?

You probably guessed it already. Reviews of indie Switch games, larger releases too. I also want to try and get some interviews with different indie game devs to help shed the light on some of the hidden talent that is out there right now.

I am also considering trying to get into Twitch and YouTube, but let’s try and walk before we run.

Are you with me?